Yu Wu is a PhD Candidate in Economics and a research assistant affiliated at Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy at North Carolina State University. She earned her master’s degree in Economics from NC State in 2014 and a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Forest Economics from Beijing Forestry University in Beijing, China in 2012. Yu received the provost doctoral recruitment fellowship, the outstanding bachelor’s thesis award, and twice the outstanding academic performance fellowship.

Yu’s broader research interests include environmental and resource economics, forest economics, development economics, agricultural economics, policy impact evaluation, energy and climate change policy. Her current research focuses on land use and land cover change and forest ecosystem services in the Brazilian Amazon. To investigate the land use decision-making and drivers of deforestation changing over time, she examines this evolution by modeling deforestation with panel data and generating price surfaces of the agricultural product with kriging geostatistical interpolation method. To quantify the local benefits and costs of clearing forests, she investigates economic benefits of forest watershed services through production function approach. Besides the Brazilian Amazon, Yu also dedicates to study economic values of game lands in North Carolina with focuses on both hedonic price analysis and contingent valuation.